Friday, 27 January 2017

Home Brew IDPA Mild Steel Target

I sometimes get bored shooting at GlowShot adhesive targets on corflute sheet. Sure they are great for checking your accuracy or sighting in, but there isn't much of a reaction except for a hole.  Steel gongs on the other hand move around and make a fantastic noise when struck.

I do have one target made from ar500 steel and its a great challenge. If you haven't tried shooting at a 2moa (117mm) round gong with a 22lr at 100 metres, you have to give it a go. Its great seeing who can land the most hits from a 10 round mag standing unsupported!  I purchased this one from 


I've always wanted an IDPA steel torso target but I never have enough cash to purchase one.  Primers, powder and projectiles are always a higher priority.
A few weekends ago I was pottering in the workshop and spotted an 8mm mild steel plate between the bench and wall. Judging by its appearance, it was once used as a barbecue plate.  A quick google and I had the dimensions I required. I measured the plate but it was too small to make a full size torso.  What to do, what to do.  I thought stuff it, lets make one 2/3 scale. Multiplying the dimensions by .666 had me well on my way.

The only tool I had to cut the steel with was an Oxy set. I had zero experience using one and it shows in the finish of the target.  Sure it's a bit rough, but I'm only shooting at it.

Dodgy Brothers Inc. steel target created in devilish proportions!

All that is left to do is weld a hook to a star picket. bash it into the ground and hang the target. Being mild steel I will only be shooting 22lr, .38spl, 32/20 and some .45acp at it once I get my conversion kit for the No4 Mk1.  

One day I will be able to afford some more ar500 steel targets but until then, i'll make use of whatever I can.

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