Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Review: Fobus Holster for 4" S&W K/L Frame Revolvers

Buying a new gun means loading up on the relevant accessories required to get the most from your new investment and a holster is at the top of the list. I didn't know if I wanted leather or kydex. A quality leather holster can easily cost $200, so I decided to try one in kydex first then re-evaluate after a few uses.  I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster for my 1911 and thought that I'd be able to find one for L frame revolvers. Unfortunately there is no such thing.  The search began and I ended up finding what I was looking for with the Israeli made Fobus brand of holsters

I currently own a Fobus thumb break holster for my Springfield XD9 and it is a reasonably good holster considering its price. I have used it quite extensively and it certainly works better than the factory holster included with the Springfield.

Fobus make a passive fit holster specifically for a 4" K/L frame so I decided to give it a shot. The holster is every bit as rigid as other brands and has a very positive snap as you slide the gun home. As stated, the holster is made for a 4" barrel and the 4.25" barrel of the M69 protrudes from the bottom of the holster by, you guessed it, .25"  Close enough is good enough at this stage.

Rigid and a great fitting holster - Note the barrel protrusion

There are many options available with the holster and one major option is its 360 degree rotating mechanism to adjust the cant to suit your personal preferences. It is shipped as a paddle holster as standard and optional belt fittings are available. These use the same rotating mechanism to attach to the body of the holster and are secured by an allen screw.

Loosening the allen screw allows cant adjustment or remove it to change the attachment.

I purchased both the small and large belt attachments to fit the different belts that I wear. a wider belt does distribute the weight a lot more evenly and feels better to wear. 

Holster body, paddle and small and large belt attachments

The passive fit does mean more force is necessary to draw the gun from the holster compared to a Serpa, but I rest easy knowing that the gun would not fall from the holster if I was being held upside down and shaken by a Yowie*.

I have worn the holster using the small belt attachment for a few hours and it is quite comfortable. I purchased this holster from TFA site affiliates, Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear store.

If you would like to learn more about the S&W M69, click here for a desktop review.

* A Yowie is the Australian equivalent of Bigfoot but with an Australian accent.

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