Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Review: Fobus Holster for 4" S&W K/L Frame Revolvers

Buying a new gun means loading up on the relevant accessories required to get the most from your new investment and a holster is at the top of the list. I didn't know if I wanted leather or kydex. A quality leather holster can easily cost $200, so I decided to try one in kydex first then re-evaluate after a few uses.  I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster for my 1911 and thought that I'd be able to find one for L frame revolvers. Unfortunately there is no such thing.  The search began and I ended up finding what I was looking for with the Israeli made Fobus brand of holsters

I currently own a Fobus thumb break holster for my Springfield XD9 and it is a reasonably good holster considering its price. I have used it quite extensively and it certainly works better than the factory holster included with the Springfield.

Fobus make a passive fit holster specifically for a 4" K/L frame so I decided to give it a shot. The holster is every bit as rigid as other brands and has a very positive snap as you slide the gun home. As stated, the holster is made for a 4" barrel and the 4.25" barrel of the M69 protrudes from the bottom of the holster by, you guessed it, .25"  Close enough is good enough at this stage.

Rigid and a great fitting holster - Note the barrel protrusion

There are many options available with the holster and one major option is its 360 degree rotating mechanism to adjust the cant to suit your personal preferences. It is shipped as a paddle holster as standard and optional belt fittings are available. These use the same rotating mechanism to attach to the body of the holster and are secured by an allen screw.

Loosening the allen screw allows cant adjustment or remove it to change the attachment.

I purchased both the small and large belt attachments to fit the different belts that I wear. a wider belt does distribute the weight a lot more evenly and feels better to wear. 

Holster body, paddle and small and large belt attachments

The passive fit does mean more force is necessary to draw the gun from the holster compared to a Serpa, but I rest easy knowing that the gun would not fall from the holster if I was being held upside down and shaken by a Yowie*.

I have worn the holster using the small belt attachment for a few hours and it is quite comfortable. I purchased this holster from TFA site affiliates, Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear store.

If you would like to learn more about the S&W M69, click here for a desktop review.

* A Yowie is the Australian equivalent of Bigfoot but with an Australian accent.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Review: X10-LULA & V10-LULA .22LR Magazine Loaders by Maglula

Its always great to find something that makes life a little easier, especially when it comes to loading pistol magazines. Those of us who shoot semi auto handguns know only too well just how taxing it is on your fingers loading magazine after magazine.  I have owned an Uplula magazine loader for loading centrefire cartridges for quite a few years now and I always curse myself when I get to the range and realize I've left it in a different shooting bag. They make life so much easier.

Recently I purchased a Ruger 22/45 Lite as a training pistol for my students. It's a great little gun to shoot, but loading the mags leaves you with sore fingers, especially your thumb from pressing down on the button to compress the magazine spring.  I knew there had to be a better way and instead of making something, I went on the hunt for the perfect solution to my problem.  I quick search yielded the result I was looking for, the X10 & V10 LULA magazine loaders designed specifically for the smaller .22lr magazines.
Maglula includes 2 types of loader, the V10 & X10 in the one package!

The X10 is a simple plastic design that slides over the magazine and engages the button attached to the follower, allowing rounds to freely fall into the magazine. 

 Slide the loader towards the base of the magazine and insert your rounds

Fill magazine and slide the loader off

The V10 is different in that it is V shaped with a spring loaded mechanism that will hold the follower in place after compressing the loader. Simply compress, slide over the magazine and decompress once the magazine follower is at its lowest position. The loader then sits in place allowing you to use both hands to load the magazine.

 Compress the loader

 Slide it over the magazine and then decompress the mechanism

 Once you have filled your magazine, compress the mechanism and slide it off

Happy days, two full magazines minus the sore fingers!

These are compatible with the following firearms:
V10-LULA Loads:
Ruger MK I, II, III, 22/45
Browning BuckMark, Challenger
Beretta U22 NEOS
Colt Woodsman, Cadet
High Standard .22  
X10-LULA Loads:
Ruger MK I, II, III, 22/45
S&W 22A/22S
Browning BuckMark, Challenger
Beretta U22 NEOS
Colt Woodsman, Cadet
High Standard .22 

They are not the cheapest magazine loader on the market but they are definitely the best that I have seen and used. I am very glad that I purchased these as they will save my fingers, especially when I have a large number of students, or when I shoot off a couple hundred rounds because, well, it's fun! At $33USD, I think they represent great value.

The X10 & V10 LULA loaders are made in Israel and are available from TFA site affiliates, Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear store.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gun Reclassifications In Australia are Coming - Prepare to Stand and Fight!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated today that the ban on lever actions shotguns with a capacity of over 5 rounds would remain in place until there was a satisfactory reclassification of the guns by COAG.

Now we know why we haven't been able to get a response with our freedom of information requests regarding the NFA review.  It's no longer a dark government conspiracy, it's a reality. We don't know the full extent of their plans and whether or not they plan to expand the reclassifications to other firearms/action types.  Be warned, these unelected bureaucrats would get great pleasure in taking more than just Adler shotguns away.

Sorry, the government doesn't trust you enough to allow you 2 extra shells

News of the reclassification came when opposition leader Bill Shorten accused the PM of using gun control as a political plaything after Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm wished to see the import ban removed in exchange for his support vote on the ABCC bill to go before the senate.  

Bill Shorten doesn't seem to mind using the rights of law abiding gun owners as a political plaything. He is buying into the con that Australian gun control has been a huge success when in reality, it's been a billion dollar failure. 

Like always, the law abiding gun owners are the losers here. We have been screwed by politicians and the media for the last 20 years and sadly, it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Review - Marble Arms Universal Rear Sight With Peep Upright

Recently I was given 95 rounds of 32/20WCF that I was very grateful to receive. I'm not one to turn down free ammunition, but the only problem I had was that I didn't own a rifle to shoot it from!  This was clearly a perfect example of a first world problem and the only solution was to purchase a suitable rifle. I scoured the online used gun classifieds until I found a CBC 151 break action that was within my budget.  It was cheap because the timber work looked quite shabby and it was missing the rear sight.

Growing up in a family of full bore target rifle shooters, I have grown quite fond of peep sights and I explored all the various manufacturers such as Lyman and Williams. The problem is that there is no way of fitting a receiver mounted peep sight on a break action without it getting in the way of the loading/unloading process.

I thought I was going to be doomed to fitting iron sights to this rifle so I conceded defeat and started looking at the options available.  Marble's Sights was the first sight manufacturer that I looked at. They have a wide range of sights available but the one that caught my eye was their barrel mounted Universal Rear Sight with an option for an interchangeable peep upright. I had hit the mother lode!

Universal rear sight with peep upright 

Marble's offer two different sized peeps for those that prefer a small aperture whilst target shooting and also a larger more suited to hunting. It's a matter of personal preference of course. Not knowing which one I would prefer, I coughed the dough for both.  At this stage I have only used the large and I am quite happy with the sight picture.

Different sizes are available to accommodate small, medium and large diameter barrels. Marble's also offers a sight with a flat base that would be suitable for hexagonal barrels. I also purchased a front sight ramp with dovetail and orange fibre optic sight but I haven't had them fitted to the rifle at this stage.  I am certain that this addition will make an already good sight picture even better.

Elevation is easy to adjust thanks to a push button system that locks the sight at your desired height. Windage adjustments are made by loosening a flat blade screw and sliding the upright within its carrier.

Push button elevation adjustment

   Windage adjustment via the small screw

It didn't take long to have this rifle sighted in at 50 yards using light lead loads and before long, the 4" gong was singing a regular metallic tune.  This will be a great daytime farm gun for all of the small critters that need to be injected with lead. 75 yards would be the most practical distance to zero this rifle for its intended purpose which means I'll have to shoot it some more. Bonus!

Some of the sight options available

I purchased these sights from site sponsor Brownells, at a very reasonable price and they took a few weeks to arrive from their USA warehouse.  I am very happy with the purchase and I recommend these sights to anyone looking to replace their original open sights.  The entire range of Marble Arms products can be viewed at

Keep on burning powder y'all!

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