Friday, 23 September 2016

An Example of Extreme One-upmanship

We all know someone who just has to have the "biggest and the best".  The go big or go home mentality is definitely alive and well with this type of person. I know someone like this and he is my brother-in-law.

Both he and I participate in Handgun Metallic Silhouette matches on a huge 500 metre outdoor range with the closest targets at 50m and the farthest at 200m.  I use a .44mag and a .45acp and just go out to enjoy my shooting.  It's great to be at the range and burning powder.

I received a call from him last night and he needed to load some ammo for his newest purchase, A Smith & Wesson .460 magnum. He brought it along for me to have a look at. I have held the .460's and .500's at the NRA Convention in 2014 and a friend also has a .500 so I wasn't surprised by its dimensions. 

When you put it beside other model Smiths, you come to the realisation that these things are over the top stupid, but in a fun way.  

 Smith & Wesson X Frame .460s&w vs L Frame M69 .44mag vs J Frame .38spl

I get great pleasure from shooting my .44mag and can happily shoot it a heap because it's very manageable. The .38 is a gun that I can and have shot all day long. I think after about 10 rounds shooting the full house .460 I will have had enough, probably until next year, unless I am shooting softer loads in it.  The beauty of the .460 is that it can also shoot .45 Long Colt and also .454 Casull ammo.

I will be doing some videos with all three of these revolvers and I'll post them here along with a full range report.

Stay tuned for more...... 

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