Friday, 12 August 2016

Pedersoli Scout .32 Calibre Percussion Rifle

I am a lover of all things firearms. Be it a rifle, shotgun or handgun, I like shooting them all.  If there is gunpowder being burnt, I like to be the person pulling the trigger.
One type of powder that I really enjoy burning is black powder. I am by no means a purist, but I consider myself to be a casual black powder rifle enthusiast and presently own 3 percussion rifles. 

I am fascinated by early US history and like the hawken, trade and other rifles of the old frontier as well as rifles used in the civil war.

Earlier this year, I purchased a Pedersoli Scout in .32 calibre. The Scout is the short carbine version of the longer Pennsylvania rifle. The smaller Scout rifle is the black powder equivalent of a 22lr.  It's light, well balanced and easy to handle. Just like a .22lr, it has virtually no recoil whatsoever and its a real pleasure to shoot. The round balls weigh in at 40gr so its only suitable for small game hunting.

  Pedersoli Scout .32 - aka Squirrel Gun

Most Italian gun manufacturers make great products and Davide Pedersoli is definitely among them. Every rifle of theirs that I have handled has been finished to a high standard and feels like great quality, especially considering their very affordable price tag. This rifle was a little over $1k brand new.

At this stage I haven't fired it from the bench nor have I sighted it in. There's been some great fun had with the rifle at the range so far and we have fired approximately 40 shots. Below is a short video of the rifle in action

 Black powder rifles are fun! If you ever get the opportunity to fire one, do it!

As seen in the video, the loading process is slow, they can be finicky at times and require different cleaning practices than conventional rifles, but that is all part of the black powder experience. You do get a greater understanding of the challenges that hunters and soldiers faced when these firearms were the state of the art.

 Colour case hardening, brass furniture, rich bluing, set triggers and buckhorn rear sight.

This rifle has a set trigger. The front trigger is the one responsible for the fall of the hammer and the rear sets the front.  The standard trigger pull is approximately 6lbs and after setting the trigger with the rear, the trigger pull is reduced to around 2.5 lbs. It feels extremely nice and breaks beautifully. Being a percussion rifle, the lock time is quite long so a good follow through is required for consistent accuracy.  Ignition is via #11 caps.  It is recommended to use FFFg powder with the smaller calibres but FFg still works fine.

Heed the warning! Use only black powder in black powder guns. Using smokeless powder can result in injury or death.

I do plan to hunt with this rifle in the future. Rabbits, foxes and cats would be no trouble at all as long as the shot placement is good, however I will leave the pig hunting for my larger .50 and .58cal muzzleloaders.

This rifle is certainly one of my favourites in the safe and will be for many years to come. 
Pedersoli rifles are distributed in Australia by Forbes Wholesale and they are very easy to deal with. The complete range of Davide Pedersoli firearms can be viewed by clicking here.

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