Monday, 1 August 2016

Video - At The Range With the Mosin Nagant M44

Recently I wrote a tabletop review on the Mosin Nagant M44 carbine rifle but was unable to get any spare time to take it to my range and test it until now. You can read the review by clicking here.

Watch the below video to view the rifle in action.

Having fun with the M44 out at the farm. Watch for the muzzle flash!

These rifles are renowned for their harsh recoil characteristics and mine is certainly no exception.  Even after a full 24 hours after shooting this rifle, my shoulder is still quite tender. I only fired 30 rounds over 2 days!

I can say that I am not a fan of the sights at all as they obscure too much of the target. I cut my teeth shooting fullbore target rifle with peep sights, so I will be looking to purchase a peep that replaces the rear leaf. Even the front sight leaves a little to be desired. After looking around I have found a company that makes sights especially for the Mosin Nagant. These look like they will do the job quite well. 

That's about the only part of the rifle that I don't like. It's certainly a lot of fun to shoot and you definitely feel it when you pull the trigger! 

If you haven't got a Mosin Nagant, get one. They are great fun!

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