Friday, 13 May 2016

Primary Producers are not Criminals!

It's time our government stopped treating law abiding gun owners as criminals in waiting!

Queensland Police Minister Bill Byrne's response to a question asked by KAP's Robbie Katter during question time was nothing short of a total insult to the primary producers of Queensland. 

For decades, farmers have used handguns in the course of running their business without incident. 

Click on the video link below and listen to this clueless politician waffle on about how he doesn't think that farmers need "concealable weapons" and how he has consulted Ag-force  about the use of handguns on properties.

This is the same Bill Byrne that used guns inside his home to shoot rats/mice but he doesn't want farmers to have a convenient firearm (handgun) for their daily use.

Law Abiding Firearm Owners Inc. can confirm that there have been no formal discussions between the minister (or representatives) and Ag-Force.  Could it be that the minister has deliberately mislead parliament on this matter?

Its a well known fact that he and his predecessor have purposely fobbed off shooting and industry groups for well over a year. When was this meeting held and who with?  Many in the shooting and primary production community would like to see the meeting minutes. Our guess is that there are none.

We call Bill out on his BS. Why not tell the truth?  The truth is in the below paragraph.

Qld Weapons Licensing Branch have implemented a new policy of rejecting handgun license applications and renewals simply because somebody there doesn't want people to own handguns, even though there is provision for primary producers to own them in the Queensland weapons act. 

Did the police tell the minister how he should think? Does the minister have a mind of his own? Is he capable of having an original and rational thought? Do the police have some dirt on the minister which forces him to act like a dill in parliament?  Dirt so good that would end his political career?

A large calibre handgun is an ideal firearm for rural use. Its small size means it is easy to carry on a belt, can be carried on all modes of transport including motorcycles, quad bikes, and horses. These aren't generally used for the purpose of pest control, but are very convenient for euthanasing livestock and humanely dispatching kangaroos that are caught in fences etc. A properly holstered handgun is completely safe. In contrast, high powered rifles are heavy, cumbersome and present many dangers to farmers, especially to those that ride farm bikes.

The minister uses the term 'weapon'. An inanimate object only becomes a weapon if it is used to cause harm to another person. Guess what Bill, farmers don't use their handguns as weapons!

But there are police officers in WLB that don't quite understand this. Apparently they are now experts on primary production. I wonder what the pass mark is for the animal husbandry exam they sit at the police academy? 

This is why the authorized officer's discretionary powers must be removed from the Qld Weapons Act.

Even though something may be perfectly legal, they can say no on a whim just because they don't like it. Combine that with the power to influence their minister on these matters and you end up with a bureaucracy deciding how farmers should run their farm. 

So much for elected representatives serving the people who voted them into power.....

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  1. Great blog Trumpychris. Keep up the good work, keep calling them out on their lies and deception. Cheers.