Tuesday, 5 April 2016


He is at it again! Long time firearms hater and hoplophobe John Howard once again shows disdain against lawful & legal gun ownership by linking us, the law abiding firearms owners with those that obtain firearms illegally and commit murder. 

Howard reasoned that "there is something wrong with the laws" if a 15-year-old could obtain the gun that shot dead a police accountant. Wait a second? The 15 year old that he mentioned sourced an illegal and unregistered gun to commit his crime!  As the law now stands, a 15 year old cannot legally obtain any type of gun!  What kind of law is going to make illegal guns more illegal?  What kind of law is going to force those that don't obey laws to suddenly start obeying them?

If we make illegal behaviour more illegal, it will stop crime, right?

John Howard, stop being a dickhead! Seriously. Your bias against guns is plain for the world to see. You and all your anti gun friends at Gun Control Australia contribute nothing toward public safety. You only create fear within the community in order to shape firearms policies that have zero effect. We don't have a gun problem in Australia, we never have.

Lets look back at one of Howard's quotes way back in 1996 to get an understanding for how he feels about guns. 

“We will find any means we can to further restrict them because I hate guns. I don’t think people should have guns, unless they are police, or in the military or security industry. Ordinary citizens should not have weapons."

So, we have public policy based on someone feelings. Yes, feelings. Never mind facts, they don't count when it comes to gun laws, its all to do with how policy makers feel.

Lets just ask a simple question. If all guns are made illegal, and crime with guns continues (because it will), what will John Howard and his pals at Gun Control Australia do to stop gun crime?

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