Friday, 9 December 2016

The Media & Gun Control Lobby Assist the Establishment Parties to Implode!

It is now official. Lever action shotguns with a capacity of more than 5 rounds have now been categorized as Cat D firearms by COAG.   We all knew that none of the politicians would go out on a limb and stand up to the anti-gun establishment media, gun control groups and the police that are driving this agenda.  It sure does stink and it is a bad deal for shooters. Policy created with no evidence to support it is always a bad idea, and always will be.

The outcomes of the COAG meeting today reinforces the fact that the establishment no longer represents the will of the people.  They represent the media and special interest groups instead, and this will be their undoing.

I can just see Sam Lee and Samantha Maiden heading to the pub for a few celebratory drinks this afternoon after this outcome. (Lets just hope Samantha M doesn't decide to drive home drunk and get caught again!) They wont be celebrating for long. They are too stupid to realize that they are helping fuel the anti-establishment sentiment that is spreading across the globe and Australia is in no way insulated from it.

The world is changing and the old guard are losing control. Brexit. Trump. Orange by-election.  Is the establishment to thick to realize what's going on?

Cheer up! It's not all doom and gloom! We have a very good reason to smile.

Us law abiding gun owners have a lot to look forward to.  We will vote out establishment politicians and we will have parliaments around Australia that will have many many more pro-gun politicians.

The big winners from today are the Liberal Democrats, Katters Australian Party, Shooters Fishers & Farmers and of course, One Nation.

It's important for everyone to remember that the NFA is a non binding agreement. Gun laws are created and amended at a state level and the Feds have zero say in the matter. Expect states with large numbers of pro-gun politicians to start moving away from the outdated and overly repressive NFA.

The people have had enough, time to tell them to fuck off!

I predict that Queensland will be the first state to reject the NFA and start building properly researched evidence based policy, rather than the cobbled together emotionally driven crap that we have now.  Other states will follow suit.

This is going to be a great thing for Australia and it's one million licensed gun owners.  Not only will we have some real representation and better gun laws, it will also trigger GCA and hack journalists like Samantha Maiden and the rest of the progressive left, virtue signalling idiots (ie. The Project, The Guardian etc). We can then sit back and laugh at their sorry arses as they appear on "triggered Social Justice Warrior compiliations" on YouTube.

I'm beginning to chuckle already!

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Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Dr Samara McPhedran - Adler Ban Triggers Police Forming Policy, Not Legislators

Dr Samara McPhedran eloquently describes how our legislators don't represent the people who elected them. It comes as no surprise to us, the law abiding gun owners of Australia.   Perhaps if legislators were actually representing us, there wouldn't be a global awakening against entrenched establishment politicians!

Please share this article, the people need to know that we are no longer in control of our governments.

To read this very informative article, please click the link below:

Adler ban triggers police forming policy, not legislators

Dr McPhedran was a special guest speaker at the Shooters Union - Towards Fairer Firearm Laws Forum held in 2015.  The video of Dr McPhedran's presentation is below.

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Monday, 5 December 2016

Knee-Jerk Politics, Lies and the Adler Shotgun

Once again, the farce that is COAG (Council of Australian Governments) is meeting in Canberra this Friday to try and find a classification for the much hyped and lied about shotgun, the Adler A110 7 shot version.

At the previous COAG meeting, it has been reported that all but one state wanted the Adler reclassified to category D.  The New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant, rejected the general consensus, primarily because they were about to contest a state by-election in the seat of Orange and they did not want to upset their political base.  It seems the base was already upset as Shooters Fishers and Farmers were successful in getting their candidate across the line. 

Now that the by-election is over, it has now been reported that Troy Grant has back-flipped on the issue and will support the ban on the Adler.  

The National's loss of the Orange by-election in NSW has shown just how vulnerable the party is. Anti-establishment sentiment is certainly rising in Australia and in a very short time, it will shock the entrenched politicians more than they realize. Only a fool would go in to this weeks COAG meeting recommending restricting the Adler shotgun.  I will call it right here, right now. If Troy Grant gives in to the other states, they can kiss government goodbye and the SFF will gain the National Party vote.

A similar story will result in Queensland. If the LNP do not pressure their state counterparts into rejecting the Cat D classification of the Adler, they will be decimated at the polls. Expect Katter's Australian Party and Pauline Hanson's One Nation to claim between 12 - 18 seats.  The LNP members representing the city electorates will never form government again without entering into a coalition or agreement with KAP & One Nation. 

The whole issue could have been avoided if the 7 shot Adler was allowed into the country in the same manner as the thousands already here. A simple statement stating that it fits within the current NFA (same as the IAC models already available) and there is no need to change any existing laws.  The "so called" conservatives are committing political suicide over an extra two rounds in an ordinary shotgun.  

Two Rounds - Enough to Destroy Your Political Base! 

This whole saga is a classic example of "knee-jerk politics", based on some lies and emotional statements from the gun control lobby.  We have heard the common words: "high power" and "rapid fire" (a.k.a. lies) used to garner emotional support. The gun control lobby must be thinking they have won a big fight here, however their actions are systematically destroying one of the political alliances that has always supported their calls.

Governments stacked full of pro-gun members from SFF, KAP and One Nation are going to be extremely hostile to the gun grabbers.  No amount of George Soros' Open Society Foundation cash will help them!  

Most shooters don't even want to purchase an Adler but they will stand by and defend the right of those what wish to. Shooters are making a stand and pledge that we will actively lobby against and never support any politician that wishes to further restrict firearms ownership in this country. 

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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Pictorial - Pedersoli Scout .32 Percussion Rifle

Due to the popularity of a YouTube video I published on this rifle, I have taken a collection of photographs of my lovely Pedersoli Scout for those that would like to see just how sweet these Italian rifles are in finer detail.

The fit and finish is excellent especially considering how reasonably priced these rifles are. I hadn't polished the brass hardware as you can tell by the pictures. Click on each for a larger view.

The colour case hardening on the hammer & lock is striking (pun intended)

Set trigger

Traditional buckhorn rear sight

Elevation adjustment

 Full length stock

 Blade front sight and muzzle

 Nicely shaped brass buttplate

Well presented oil finish

View of LHS of the rifle

Brass trigger guard

As you can see, the rifle is of good quality and reasonably priced. The rifle was ordered from Italy and took 5 months to arrive. Good things come to those who wait!

If you'd like to read my thoughts on this rifle, click here. 

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Getting Started in the Shooting Sports - A brief guide for Australians

Have you ever driven past a shooting range and wondered what it would be like to try shooting for the first time?  Perhaps you have a friend or a work colleague that hunts or is a member of a shooting club and you'd like to give it a go.  This guide is for you, the prospective shooter.

The first thing to know is that you don't need a gun license to try shooting!

Some clubs cater for specific disciplines such as clay target, some might be rifle or handgun clubs but there are some clubs that cater for all three.

There are 3 main firearm types used in competitions and some competitions use all three!
  • Rifles
  • Shotguns
  • Handguns
You may not know which type of shooting you will enjoy the most, so try them all! A lot of clubs run 'come and try' days where they specifically focus on introducing new shooters to the sport. I have been involved in many of these days for both handgun and rifle.  Every person ends up walking away with a smile of their face.  Some people discover that they have a natural ability and quite often, the ladies end up shooting better scores than their partners.

Shooting is a fun, inclusive and safe sport for everyone!

Getting started is a lot easier if you already know someone who shoots. Ask them to take you along to the range so you can see just how safe and fun shooting can be.  If you don't know anyone, it's okay to go along as a visitor.

Now lets get you to a range.  The first step is to find a club that shoots the particular discipline you are interested in.  A quick Google will return results that are specific to clubs in your area.  If there is a contact number to ring, go ahead and give them a call. This allows the club to prepare ahead of time for you to try the sport.  If you know someone that is a shooter, ask them if they would be able to take you along.  Another good source of information regarding clubs can be found at your local gun shop.

Be sure to wear enclosed footwear, if possible, take hearing and eye protection, hat and sunscreen. For ladies wishing to try pistol shooting, be sure to wear a shirt that prevents a hot case from landing inside your top.  This can become a safety risk so it's best to avoid it.

See you at the range!

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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Video: CBC Break Action Shotgun and 32-20

Im often asked how expensive it is to get into shooting so I thought I'd do a video on some inexpensive firearms that are suitable for hunting small to medium sized animals.  A 12g shotgun is perfect for hunting ducks in jurisdictions that allow it, as well as rabbits and foxes.  A small calibre centrefire rifle is going to cost more for ammunition than say a .22lr, but shot placement is a little less critical with a 32-20 on varmints such as foxes and feral cats.  As you can see in the video below, they are great guns for casual plinking and are quite cheap to shoot if you cast your own projectiles and reload.

Break action firearms have been available since the early 1800s and are still manufactured to this day. This trusted design refuses to die.

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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Review: Fobus Holster for 4" S&W K/L Frame Revolvers

Buying a new gun means loading up on the relevant accessories required to get the most from your new investment and a holster is at the top of the list. I didn't know if I wanted leather or kydex. A quality leather holster can easily cost $200, so I decided to try one in kydex first then re-evaluate after a few uses.  I have a Blackhawk Serpa holster for my 1911 and thought that I'd be able to find one for L frame revolvers. Unfortunately there is no such thing.  The search began and I ended up finding what I was looking for with the Israeli made Fobus brand of holsters

I currently own a Fobus thumb break holster for my Springfield XD9 and it is a reasonably good holster considering its price. I have used it quite extensively and it certainly works better than the factory holster included with the Springfield.

Fobus make a passive fit holster specifically for a 4" K/L frame so I decided to give it a shot. The holster is every bit as rigid as other brands and has a very positive snap as you slide the gun home. As stated, the holster is made for a 4" barrel and the 4.25" barrel of the M69 protrudes from the bottom of the holster by, you guessed it, .25"  Close enough is good enough at this stage.

Rigid and a great fitting holster - Note the barrel protrusion

There are many options available with the holster and one major option is its 360 degree rotating mechanism to adjust the cant to suit your personal preferences. It is shipped as a paddle holster as standard and optional belt fittings are available. These use the same rotating mechanism to attach to the body of the holster and are secured by an allen screw.

Loosening the allen screw allows cant adjustment or remove it to change the attachment.

I purchased both the small and large belt attachments to fit the different belts that I wear. a wider belt does distribute the weight a lot more evenly and feels better to wear. 

Holster body, paddle and small and large belt attachments

The passive fit does mean more force is necessary to draw the gun from the holster compared to a Serpa, but I rest easy knowing that the gun would not fall from the holster if I was being held upside down and shaken by a Yowie*.

I have worn the holster using the small belt attachment for a few hours and it is quite comfortable. I purchased this holster from TFA site affiliates, Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear store.

If you would like to learn more about the S&W M69, click here for a desktop review.

* A Yowie is the Australian equivalent of Bigfoot but with an Australian accent.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Review: X10-LULA & V10-LULA .22LR Magazine Loaders by Maglula

Its always great to find something that makes life a little easier, especially when it comes to loading pistol magazines. Those of us who shoot semi auto handguns know only too well just how taxing it is on your fingers loading magazine after magazine.  I have owned an Uplula magazine loader for loading centrefire cartridges for quite a few years now and I always curse myself when I get to the range and realize I've left it in a different shooting bag. They make life so much easier.

Recently I purchased a Ruger 22/45 Lite as a training pistol for my students. It's a great little gun to shoot, but loading the mags leaves you with sore fingers, especially your thumb from pressing down on the button to compress the magazine spring.  I knew there had to be a better way and instead of making something, I went on the hunt for the perfect solution to my problem.  I quick search yielded the result I was looking for, the X10 & V10 LULA magazine loaders designed specifically for the smaller .22lr magazines.
Maglula includes 2 types of loader, the V10 & X10 in the one package!

The X10 is a simple plastic design that slides over the magazine and engages the button attached to the follower, allowing rounds to freely fall into the magazine. 

 Slide the loader towards the base of the magazine and insert your rounds

Fill magazine and slide the loader off

The V10 is different in that it is V shaped with a spring loaded mechanism that will hold the follower in place after compressing the loader. Simply compress, slide over the magazine and decompress once the magazine follower is at its lowest position. The loader then sits in place allowing you to use both hands to load the magazine.

 Compress the loader

 Slide it over the magazine and then decompress the mechanism

 Once you have filled your magazine, compress the mechanism and slide it off

Happy days, two full magazines minus the sore fingers!

These are compatible with the following firearms:
V10-LULA Loads:
Ruger MK I, II, III, 22/45
Browning BuckMark, Challenger
Beretta U22 NEOS
Colt Woodsman, Cadet
High Standard .22  
X10-LULA Loads:
Ruger MK I, II, III, 22/45
S&W 22A/22S
Browning BuckMark, Challenger
Beretta U22 NEOS
Colt Woodsman, Cadet
High Standard .22 

They are not the cheapest magazine loader on the market but they are definitely the best that I have seen and used. I am very glad that I purchased these as they will save my fingers, especially when I have a large number of students, or when I shoot off a couple hundred rounds because, well, it's fun! At $33USD, I think they represent great value.

The X10 & V10 LULA loaders are made in Israel and are available from TFA site affiliates, Zahal Israeli Tactical Gear store.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Gun Reclassifications In Australia are Coming - Prepare to Stand and Fight!

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stated today that the ban on lever actions shotguns with a capacity of over 5 rounds would remain in place until there was a satisfactory reclassification of the guns by COAG.

Now we know why we haven't been able to get a response with our freedom of information requests regarding the NFA review.  It's no longer a dark government conspiracy, it's a reality. We don't know the full extent of their plans and whether or not they plan to expand the reclassifications to other firearms/action types.  Be warned, these unelected bureaucrats would get great pleasure in taking more than just Adler shotguns away.

Sorry, the government doesn't trust you enough to allow you 2 extra shells

News of the reclassification came when opposition leader Bill Shorten accused the PM of using gun control as a political plaything after Liberal Democrats Senator David Leyonhjelm wished to see the import ban removed in exchange for his support vote on the ABCC bill to go before the senate.  

Bill Shorten doesn't seem to mind using the rights of law abiding gun owners as a political plaything. He is buying into the con that Australian gun control has been a huge success when in reality, it's been a billion dollar failure. 

Like always, the law abiding gun owners are the losers here. We have been screwed by politicians and the media for the last 20 years and sadly, it doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon.

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Review - Marble Arms Universal Rear Sight With Peep Upright

Recently I was given 95 rounds of 32/20WCF that I was very grateful to receive. I'm not one to turn down free ammunition, but the only problem I had was that I didn't own a rifle to shoot it from!  This was clearly a perfect example of a first world problem and the only solution was to purchase a suitable rifle. I scoured the online used gun classifieds until I found a CBC 151 break action that was within my budget.  It was cheap because the timber work looked quite shabby and it was missing the rear sight.

Growing up in a family of full bore target rifle shooters, I have grown quite fond of peep sights and I explored all the various manufacturers such as Lyman and Williams. The problem is that there is no way of fitting a receiver mounted peep sight on a break action without it getting in the way of the loading/unloading process.

I thought I was going to be doomed to fitting iron sights to this rifle so I conceded defeat and started looking at the options available.  Marble's Sights was the first sight manufacturer that I looked at. They have a wide range of sights available but the one that caught my eye was their barrel mounted Universal Rear Sight with an option for an interchangeable peep upright. I had hit the mother lode!

Universal rear sight with peep upright 

Marble's offer two different sized peeps for those that prefer a small aperture whilst target shooting and also a larger more suited to hunting. It's a matter of personal preference of course. Not knowing which one I would prefer, I coughed the dough for both.  At this stage I have only used the large and I am quite happy with the sight picture.

Different sizes are available to accommodate small, medium and large diameter barrels. Marble's also offers a sight with a flat base that would be suitable for hexagonal barrels. I also purchased a front sight ramp with dovetail and orange fibre optic sight but I haven't had them fitted to the rifle at this stage.  I am certain that this addition will make an already good sight picture even better.

Elevation is easy to adjust thanks to a push button system that locks the sight at your desired height. Windage adjustments are made by loosening a flat blade screw and sliding the upright within its carrier.

Push button elevation adjustment

   Windage adjustment via the small screw

It didn't take long to have this rifle sighted in at 50 yards using light lead loads and before long, the 4" gong was singing a regular metallic tune.  This will be a great daytime farm gun for all of the small critters that need to be injected with lead. 75 yards would be the most practical distance to zero this rifle for its intended purpose which means I'll have to shoot it some more. Bonus!

Some of the sight options available

I purchased these sights from site sponsor Brownells, at a very reasonable price and they took a few weeks to arrive from their USA warehouse.  I am very happy with the purchase and I recommend these sights to anyone looking to replace their original open sights.  The entire range of Marble Arms products can be viewed at

Keep on burning powder y'all!

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Friday, 23 September 2016

An Example of Extreme One-upmanship

We all know someone who just has to have the "biggest and the best".  The go big or go home mentality is definitely alive and well with this type of person. I know someone like this and he is my brother-in-law.

Both he and I participate in Handgun Metallic Silhouette matches on a huge 500 metre outdoor range with the closest targets at 50m and the farthest at 200m.  I use a .44mag and a .45acp and just go out to enjoy my shooting.  It's great to be at the range and burning powder.

I received a call from him last night and he needed to load some ammo for his newest purchase, A Smith & Wesson .460 magnum. He brought it along for me to have a look at. I have held the .460's and .500's at the NRA Convention in 2014 and a friend also has a .500 so I wasn't surprised by its dimensions. 

When you put it beside other model Smiths, you come to the realisation that these things are over the top stupid, but in a fun way.  

 Smith & Wesson X Frame .460s&w vs L Frame M69 .44mag vs J Frame .38spl

I get great pleasure from shooting my .44mag and can happily shoot it a heap because it's very manageable. The .38 is a gun that I can and have shot all day long. I think after about 10 rounds shooting the full house .460 I will have had enough, probably until next year, unless I am shooting softer loads in it.  The beauty of the .460 is that it can also shoot .45 Long Colt and also .454 Casull ammo.

I will be doing some videos with all three of these revolvers and I'll post them here along with a full range report.

Stay tuned for more...... 

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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

1895 Spanish Mauser Carbine 7.62 Nato

Every now and then a rifle pops up that is very hard to resist. Especially if its a carbine that's chambered in a versatile cartridge like the 7.62x51 NATO. Its no secret that I have a soft spot for carbine & compact style rifles so when this particular Spanish Mauser came up I just had to have it. 

 Sometimes being short has its advantages

This rifle is still classed as an 1895 Carbine although it has the action from 1916.  The 1916 has the thumb cut-out in the the action and the large gas escape hole in the left side of the action. These Mausers have a cock-on-close bolt that functions similar to a Lee Enfield .303.  Everything on this rifle has matching numbers, even the timber! This is always a bonus when buying any surplus rifle.  These little beauties have a 17" barrel which is really quite short.  I thought that this fact alone would lend the rifle to have brutal recoil characteristics similar to that of the Mosin Nagant M44, but quite surprisingly, its a pleasant shooter with NATO pressure loads.  I had no problem hitting my 120mm steel plate repeatedly from 50 metres so it is plenty accurate for hunting in the thick country.

Whenever I buy a rifle, be it old or new, I always disassemble it and inspect it to make sure everything is in order.  The action is screwed into the stock through a metal pillar on the rear, but there is no front pillar. I am going to epoxy some decent sized aluminium pillars in the front and rear of the stock and then bed it to try and get more rigidity.  Larger pillars should also distribute  some of the force generated in a better manner that should stop the stock from splitting again.

The rifle is in reasonably good condition for its age but the timberwork really let it down.  It had a crack in the wrist that needed repair and the grain of the timber felt incredibly rough, almost like someone had tried to steam the oil out of the timber. 

The stock showed signs of a hard life
I know that the purists out there will curse me, but because of the sad state of the timber I decided to re-finish the stock. I used a wet tea-towel with an iron to raise some of the smaller dings out of the timber.  Out came the sandpaper and after an afternoon of sanding and finishing up with steel wool, I applied a little stain.  The true nature of the timber was starting to show.  It's no high grade walnut, but it is quite a nice piece of timber. I had decided that instead of using Tru-Oil, I would use pale boiled linseed oil for the finish.  I am so glad I did because it is a far superior finish.  The best thing is that it only costs $10 a litre at the local hardware store.

Linseed oil finish is easy to work with and touch-ups a breeze. Like always, the photos do it no justice! 

The bluing looks great in all of the visible areas, but there were some pretty rough spots on the underside of the barrel.  A quick clean up with some superfine steel wool and lightweight oil had the corrosion gone with minimal effort.

The rifle tidied up nicely - I'm very pleased

Add a sling from a French MAS that I bought at a gun show and its ready to take hunting

There is a lot of conjecture out there on what maximum pressure loads can be used safely in these small ring Spanish Mausers re-chambered in 7.62x51. They were proofed to handle the pressure of the NATO F1 ball ammo, so that should be an indication of the pressure it can handle safely. From reading the ADI Handloaders Guide, I came to the conclusion that a 150gr Hornady Interlock SP with a charge of 43gr of AR2206H runs at the same pressures as the NATO round. Provided you don't go beyond what these rifles are proofed to handle, all will be well in the world.

I have a feeling that this will be my go-to rifle for daylight feral pig hunting. Its very well balanced and comes up into the shoulder nicely and the sights are actually quite good.  I have thought about a no drill & tap scout rail that attaches to the rear sight hardware and fitting a 2.5 power long eye relief scope, but I will wait until its first field test which is on Saturday. 

I will post the results of my Saturday hunt and also the range test of this rifle.  I will also do a video on this rifle for my YouTube Channel. Get on over to and check out some of my other great gun videos.

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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Ruger American Ranch 300 Blackout - Update

I'm a big fan of Ruger firearms. I currently own four and I have a fifth on it's way from the land of the free. So naturally when Ruger announced the American Ranch rifle in 300BO, I placed an order and as it turns out, I was one of the first in Australia to take possession of one.

I'm not going to go into specifics about the cartridge, except that it was originally developed for use in AR style rifles and is able to be suppressed with subsonic ammunition. In the police state that is Australia, suppressors are illegal so the subsonic part doesn't mean much here. (We can touch on this subject some other time)

When I got the rifle home, I disassembled it immediately. I removed the rail from the action and the action from the stock.  Typical of most factory rifles, there was oil between the mating surfaces of the action and bedding block. Why oh why do manufactures feel they have to give their rifles an oil bath before they leave the factory?  

The RAR utilizes a v-block bedding system to enhance accuracy, but having oil on the mating surfaces will reduce the accuracy of any rifle.
A quick de-grease of the action, bedding blocks and also the rail was required and then I reassembled the rifle. I fitted my Leupold LR/T to the rifle and it looks a little odd, perhaps even crazy with the shade fitted. I do shoot under a spotlight quite a lot and the shade is great to remove the glare.

I am a hand loader and rarely buy factory ammunition except for rimfire.  I had some Hornady 110gr V-Max, Nosler 150gr Ballistic Tips and Hornady 150gr Interlock SP's sitting on the shelf. A quick check of the ADI hand loaders guide and I was in business. I also popped into one of the local gun shops and bought some Remington UMC loaded with 220gr match projectiles.

The following Sunday, I took the it to the range to see what this little rifle was capable of. Initial results are quite disappointing to say the least. The best group was around 3 inches but most were about 4.  The conditions were really crappy, with a strong wind but it still should have done a lot better than what it did.  

The 110gr and 150gr loads all produced groups.  The Remington UMC on the other hand, I could not get it to group at all. It would throw one round 6 inches high of the aiming mark, the next, 2 feet lower.  The folks that I have spoken to about this think that I have run out of elevation with the scope and adding a 20moa rail will solve the problem, however I think the scope is broken. Ill try it with another scope soon, or I might just use my Vortex Sparc II red dot and see how it goes.

I plan on taking the rifle out to the farm in the very near future to try and get it sorted out. Time will tell just how good it is I suppose. 

UPDATE Sep 2016

I changed scopes on the rifle just in case the Leupold Mk4 was faulty but it turns out that it wasn't.  I fitted my trusty old dinged up Japanese made Bushnell Banner just to be on the safe side.

I have managed to find a subsonic load that works extremely well with the Ruger.  A 208gr Hornady Amax with 10gr of AR2205 (equivalent powders are H110 and IMR4227 - please check your loading manual before using this load)

At 100m with a not so steady rest produced a group of .75 MOA. Once I get a proper bench set up I will tweak the load to see if I can get it shooting better. 

Once again, Ruger has produced a rifle suited to the budget conscious that performs brilliantly. I can see myself hunting pigs with this rifle during the stinking heat of the upcoming Australian summer.     

Nioa is the Australian distributor for the full range of Ruger firearms.  Visit to view the full lineup of Ruger rifles and handguns.

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

S&W Model 69 Combat Magnum .44mag

I consider myself to be relatively inexperienced when it comes to revolvers.  My first was a single action Ruger in .44mag.  It was a lot of fun to shoot but it was quite slow to reload.  It reminded me of classic western films where the cowboys hid behind rocks whilst reloading their guns.  I found in the end that I wasn't shooting it as much as I should, so I sold it to my brother-in-law. 

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to purchase a Model 36 Chief's Special with a 3" Barrel. Its a lovely little gun to shoot but unfortunately I cant use it in any competitions thanks to Australia's oppressive gun laws.  I do however have a large calibre endorsement on my license for metallic silhouette shooting.  I knew I wanted another revolver for competition but I really didn't know which model until one day I walked to the letterbox and opened a big yellow envelope containing the NRA's American Rifleman magazine. On the front cover I saw the Model 69 and from that point, I knew exactly what I wanted.  

It has the classic look of the K frame Model 66 in .357, but this is one better. A .44mag squeezed into an L-frame can only be a good thing.  There is only one disadvantage, and that is the gun's reduced cylinder size. The capacity was reduced to 5 rounds in order to fit the smaller L frame.

The fit and finish on a new Smith & Wesson is excellent.

Everything about the pistol is typical of a new Smith & Wesson. A nice stainless steel finish, comfortable black rubber grips and black screws, trigger, hammer & cylinder release. I have not measured the trigger pull but I would put the single action pull at around 4lbs and the double action at around 11-12lbs. 

 5 shot cylinder means there is one less chamber to clean!

The sights are easy to use and are adjustable for windage and elevation. The red ramp front is very easy to see and line up with the white outlined rear.  Simple yet functional.

The 4.25" barrel is a 2 piece design and it seems to be very accurate at 100m with my favourite target load. I cast the Lee 429-255-SWC from wheel weights in front of 10gr of ADI AP100 and it works quite well.  I also fired some full house loads featuring the 180gr Hornady XTP and some 300gr Sierra JSP's.  Hot loads recoil quite heavily due to the short-for-a-44mag barrel but are easily manageable for experienced shooters.  This is definitely not the gun for a new shooter, especially with full house magnum loads.  All of the above loads carried more than enough energy to knock down the metallic pigs at 100 metres.

 2 piece 4.25" barrel

Its hard to beat the timeless look of a revolver

I paid a little under $1400 for this gun and I did have to wait some time for it to arrive.  I can say it was definitely well worth the wait. I could have purchased one immediately but it would have cost me $500 more.  That's money id prefer to have in my pocket!  

I do have a gripe!  Smith & Wesson don't clean their guns after test firing them. It was fired from 3 of the chambers as evidenced by the fouling that remained. A very good clean using JB's Bore cleaning compound had the barrel as shiny as a mirror.  This took around 30 minutes or so to get it to that point.  A clean barrel is easier to keep clean.

If you get the chance to shoot one, do it, or if you see me at the range, come and ask to have a go.  I like to share!

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