Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Family That Shoots Together, Stays Together

When you think of Mothers day, most people would conjure images of breakfast in bed, gifts of chocolate and flowers, perhaps a nice lunch or dinner fully prepared by others where mum doesn't have to cook or clean.

Well some mums are different and like gifts that are a little out of the ordinary, such as the reactive steel target I wrote about in this previous blog post. So when two smiling children present a flipping target to their mother, it means we are heading for a trip to the range to test it out. 

The best range where we are always made to feel welcome is  80 kilometres* from home. It is by far the most relaxed place where the rules are always adhered to, everyone shoots in a very safe manner, but doesn't have the idiots with attitudes and ego's that are sometimes found at other ranges.  Ladies especially don't like being spoken to as if they are second class citizens.

Mrs Shell really enjoys the Savage .22lr that I purchased recently, so much so that she chose to leave her FN Trombone pump action at home. (Its got an intermittent feed issue that needs to be sorted - I'll fix it for her soon).

The flipping target at 25 yards proved to be quite a test for her in the beginning, but the more she shot, the more regular her hits were becoming.

Mrs Shell showing us her fine (shooting) form

 With Mrs Shell occupied with her new gift, it gave me the chance to test my latest purchase, A Ruger American Rimfire Compact in .17hmr.  Conditions were ordinary to say the least with the wing gusting up and down throughout the whole day. I was able to sort out the correct elevation for the little .17 and that was as good as I could manage.  The wind really knocks the little .17 calibre around.

A sport for everyone regardless of gender

A view downrange

I'd better mention the children, it was Mothers Day after all. Well they were happily playing in the large paddock behind the firing line. Its great to see my kids growing up around rifle ranges just as I did. Once its in the family, it becomes a tradition.

* 50 Miles for my American friends 


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